If you’re serious
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A Proven Guide to Getting the Lifestyle You've Always Wanted

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many people were questioning if living in the big city was worth all of the hassles. As our country adjusts to the "new normal", now is the time to look at the lifestyle you want for you and your family. For many, the "Big City" lifestyle is losing its appeal. 

Within the next few minutes you'll find hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom that will change your life forever! But, before you go any further, ask yourself the following questions?

  • Is living in the big city getting to expensive (parking fees, taxes, cost of food, etc.)?
  • Is living in the big city increasing your stress level? (social distancing, riots, etc.)?
  • Is living in the big city ruining your health? (pollution, smog, etc.)?
  • Do you fear for your personal safety and that of your spouse and/or kids? (crime, ​vandalism, etc.)?

Meet the Author

Hello, my name is Andy LaPointe.

I am the author of Small Town Dream - The Guide for Moving to Small Town America.

My background includes 8 years as a licensed Realtor® and then over 15 years as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Series 7 Stockbroker.

The information contained in this one-of-a-kind book explains how you can move your family from the stress and hassle of big city living to a small town. You can live your Small Town Dream starting today.

No matter where you live now or what your current financial situation is, my book is packed with proven, time-tested strategies to ​enjoy the small town lifestyle.

I know all about the Headaches and Stress...

You see, I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I lived only 10 minute outside of the City of Detroit, but my job was 15 miles on the other side of the Motor City. On many days, because of the traffic jams, car accidents and road construction it took me over two hours just to get home from work.

I fought rush hour traffic five days a week and on Saturday. I worked like a dog just to pay the bills. I know exactly what it is like to waste precious time sitting in rush hour traffic. Life isn't meant to be spent sitting in traffic and breathing smog. I knew there was a better way.

It was during this wasted time in traffic that I made a shocking discovery that hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I could stop struggling and start living the life I always wanted to live. All I needed was a plan...

I will Share that Plan with You...

I now live in a small town in Northern Michigan, approximately 4 hours north of the Detroit and with a population of about 1,500 year-round residents. I also make a six figure income from my businesses and most of the time I work from my home office.

If I decide not to work from home, my warehouse is a short 20 minute drive. But it may take a little longer if I slow down because a flock of turkeys or a few deer are crossing the road. :-)

​Here are examples of my morning and evening commute. (Don't worry, my wife was taking the video and I had both of my hands on the wheel)

My Morning Commute 

​My Evening Commute

By now, you may be asking yourself, "How can I move to a small town and still make the money I need to support my family?" That's a great question, but you don't need to think twice. Because, everything in my book is tested and proven to work.

I have fully tested every single strategy before I even started to write my book. My book is packed full of proven income methods that continue to work for me to this day.

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Why Trust What I Have to Say

That is a fair question. The strategies, techniques and "tips" contained in my book are the very same my wife and I have used and are using to enjoy living in a small town since 1992. They are proven and time-tested.

My background includes 8 years as a licensed Realtor® and then over 15 years as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Series 7 Stockbroker. I have appeared on several television and radio broadcasts talking about real estate and money management. My articles have appeared in numerous publications. I know how to assist individuals and families to design their ideal lifestyle and achieve their dreams.

The information in this book is in such high demand that I taught these same strategies in adult-education courses in several metro Detroit-area schools districts including Dearborn, Redford, Livonia, Royal Oak, Southgate, Pontiac and Novi.

The cost to attend this one night, two-hour course was $50 per person. You'll get the same information for less than 1/2 the price of the course and in ​the comfort of your own home.

Your book gave me and my family the exact plan we needed to move to a small town in ​Minnesota. Your book is a great tool to use."

Frank M. Office Manager, Deer River, MN (That is my new small town) :-)

I have spent years searching, like a detective, learning and testing the strategies to be able to live in a small town.

I am telling you all of this because I know exactly how tough it is to live in a small town and make a good income. Unless, you follow a plan that has been battle tested, year-after-year the challenges you'll face can be disheartening.

I don't want you to waste a single minute spending your time looking for the same information that has taken me years to learn. Over 28 years of proven, field-tested knowledge is compiled in my book and I don't want you to go through any of the mistakes I did!

Start Living Your Small Town Dream Today!

This one-of-a-kind book is about following your dreams and living life on your terms. It is about offering your children or grandchildren memories they will remember for their entire lives. It is knowing deep inside of yourself that you are living life the way it should be. It is about living your "Small Town Dream". Isn't that what you want?

It doesn't matter if you want to start enjoying the Small Town Lifestyle in 2 days or 10 years. This book is for you.

When you order Small Town Dream - The Guide to Moving to Small Town America, you'll receive over 100 information-packed pages with the tools you need to enjoy the Small Town Lifestyle.

Here are Some of the Strategies You Will Learn...

  • How to make money in a small town. There are 5 ways to earn money in a small town. Once you learn these strategies, you'll know how some of the wealthiest people in a small town earn money!
  • How to select the right small town for you and your family. Learn what to look for and what to avoid in a small town community. You'll learn the secrets used by the top "small town" ​real estate relocation specialists.
  • How to smooth your transition with 15 time-tested strategies used by some of the wisest folks who ever moved to a small town.
  • Four fundamental steps you must take before you ever move to a small town.
  • Learn the "how" and "why" you should set lifestyle goals to ensure you are living life to the fullest.
  • How to eliminate all of your credit card debt quickly and painlessly. You don't want to move to a small town with a burden of credit card debt. This powerful strategy will teach you how to zap all of your debts. You'll master all of debt immediately after learning this unique and powerful strategy.
  • How to defeat the #1 enemy of moving to a small town and live life on your terms.
  • How to create a household budget. Learn how to squeeze every penny from your paycheck to fund your small town dream and why you don't want to buy "Small Town Stuff". (You'll even receive a sample budget worksheet to help you get started immediately!).
  • And More...​​

This information-packed book is loaded with the "tips", techniques and strategies you need to enjoy the small town lifestyle.

"​Don't wait to buy this book. We are living in our lake house all year in Northern Michigan."

​Melissa J. ​I am a proud Ex-Vice President of a Detroit-area Investment firm.

Start Liv​​ing Your Small Town Dream Today!

The tools in this book will help you move to a small town America and build the lifestyle you want for you and your family. 

So begin building your Small Town Dream today and order this book  NOW! Don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself and order this book NOW!  :-)


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